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and resulted in massive rewrite and deleting the code.
+Configuring Jenkins job
+This plugin needs credentials to access Bitbucket API. The credentials comprise
+the user's name and a password. This password is known as "App password" and
+it is not the same as the user's password.
+Only Git repositories are supported. No special configration is required
+for the [Git plugin](https://plugins.jenkins.io/git), but the repository URL
+should point to the same repository specified for this plugins. In fact,
+they may not match. After receiving a web-hook this plugin uses its options
+to find a job to be triggered, sets some relevant options (like commit hash)
+and starts the build. If repositories are not the same, you will just get a
+failure because the hash is not found, etc.
+These environment variables are set when the job is triggered by this plugin:
+Trigger's options in the job's XML configuration file:
+ <triggers>
+ <org.jenkinsci.plugins.bbprb.BitbucketBuildTrigger plugin="bbprb@0.1.0">
+ <ciKey>jenkins</ciKey>
+ <ciName>Jenkins</ciName>
+ <credentialsId>bitbucket-pwd</credentialsId>
+ <destinationRepository>bbuser/gitrepository</destinationRepository>
+ <cancelOutdatedJobs>true</cancelOutdatedJobs>
+ </org.jenkinsci.plugins.bbprb.BitbucketBuildTrigger>
+ </triggers>
+Trigger's options in Jenkins graphical user interface:
+![Jenkins trigger configuration](./screenshots/bbprb-config.png)
-Copyright © 2017 Igor Pashev <pashev.igor@gmail.com>
-Copyright © 2014 S.nishio + Martin Damovsky
+Configuring Bitbucket web-hook
+The end-point is `/bbprb-hook/`. Currently only two events are supported:
+pull request is created and pull request is updated.
+![Bitbucket web-hook configuration](./screenshots/bb-hook.png)
+Use [Apache Maven](https://maven.apache.org/) to build and package the plugin:
+$ cd bbprb
+$ mvn install
+This will create the file `./target/bbprb.hpi` that you can deploy to Jenkins.
+See [Jenkins Plugin tutorial](https://wiki.jenkins.io/display/JENKINS/Plugin+tutorial) for more details.
+Other useful commands are `mvn compile`, `mvn hpi:hpi`.
+(C) 2017-2018 Igor Pashev <pashev.igor@gmail.com>.
+(C) 2014 S.nishio + Martin Damovsky.
+This plugin is free software under the [BSD License](./COPYING).
-- BSD License
-- See COPYING file
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